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Learn Martial Arts at Home, Work or School!

We are bringing online martial art instruction to you via our innovative e-learning system. You can learn our online martial arts course either on your own, or as a group or family. Maybe you live in an area without access to martial arts training, or perhaps you're too shy to step into a school; maybe you just can't make the time for a regular class schedule - Internet Martial Arts.com is the perfect solution!

The convenience of creating your own schedule of online karate/tae kwon do classes and choosing where to practice is left completely up to you. Internet Martial Arts.com will help you to improve your physical fitness, while developing confidence and discipline. Learn a proven system that has produced numerous national and world champions.

IMA is a great family activity that can be done at home, whether it's just the kids or the entire family. Home, charter, private and public schools can use our exciting online internet martial arts program to add their P.E. curriculum. Small and large companies can use our internet martial arts training system to implement an invigorating corporate fitness program, while increasing employee morale and lowering health care costs.

All students have an individual homepage to track their progress and monitor their level of activity. IMA utilizes a comprehensive online martial arts training program including an extensive online video library, training monitoring, and online belt testing program to give the aspiring martial arts student everything they need to succeed. Teachers and/or parents are able to effectively administer the program and track each student throughout the entire process.
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Who is IMA for?

IMA is for everyone who has ever wanted to learn martial arts, but never had the access or time. Each student is able to follow the step by step system and with access to online support you’ll never be alone. You will be able to track your progress and see the results by testing for each belt goal online. IMA can be used by children, with mentor participation and is ready to be implemented as a family, community-based, or P.E. course or activity. Businesses of all sizes can implement a corporate wellness or fitness program that is designed to improve an employee’s physical health and mental well-being.

“I love the convenience and we’re doing something as a family. It’s great!”
Joe Williams – training with wife and two children.

“I teach in a rural area and there isn’t much in the way of PE options. The kids are enjoying it and are looking forward to testing for their first belt. As a teacher, I appreciate the structure and monitoring system IMA utilizes to help keep all the students on track.” Wendy Johnson – Teacher of 16 students

“I am constantly on the go, but I love the fact that I can learn a quality martial art and fit it into my hectic schedule. I always wanted to learn the martial arts, now I can!” Frank Samson – sales rep.

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